First Aid Training in Hawthorn East.

We are looking forward to providing our “best reviewed” (according to Google) First Aid training to our public clients as well as local businesses in our new location at Hawthorn. ( Reading time around 3 minutes )
First Aid Training in Hawthorn East

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In the words of my very good friend, Publilius Syrus, the Roman philosopher –  “It is hard to recover the lost opportunity.” Hence First Aid Training in Hawthorn East.

We at Life Saving First Aid recognised what a great opportunity has been presented to us due to the unprecedented demand for first aid training in Melbourne’s east.  

We acted quickly and opened a new First Aid training facility at 771 Toorak Rd Hawthorn East.

First Aid training in CPR, Provide First Aid (which includes CPR), Provide First Aid in an Educational and Care Setting ( also includes CPR), and Conduct Manual Tasks Safely is now available at this venue 7 days a week!

Life Saving First Aids’ new training facility falls in step with our mission statement:

What’s in it for you?

We have recruited new trainers, sourced new equipment, and bought new furniture to provide the best facilities possible.

The spacious First Aid training area allows ample room to comfortably accommodate up to 15 students at a time.

The building has a small waiting area and a café nearby for those who arrive early.

There is ample parking across the road in the Woolies car park, all-day parking on Toorak road, and 2 hr roadside parking in nearby side streets.

Our Community

And there are plenty of local businesses that will be able to access and benefit from our new facility.

Centres such as Guardian, Noahs Ark, Auburn Preschool, Samantha’s Child Care, Camberwell Family Day-care and Montessori Beginnings, to name just a few, are all within 6 minutes.

Bounce Glen Iris, Harold Holt Swim Centre, Kooyong Lawn Tennis club and other sporting clubs are also nearby.

We are committed to serving our community and making a positive impact. That’s why we are proud to partner with local organizations and offer group discounts and customised training programs to fit the needs of businesses and organizations in the area.

I hope you are picking up that we here at Life Saving First Aid are extremely excited about our new training facility! 

We are looking forward to providing our “best reviewed” (according to Google) First Aid training to our public clients as well as local businesses.

What makes us a great first Aid training provider?

I think it is a number of things.

  • We are Melbourne based. We’re Local!
  • We provide a personalised business and sales manager.  Should you need to contact us you will speak to the same person every time.
  • There’s a dedicated student support representative and a full-time office and sales assistant.  
  • We offer courses seven days a week. Very convenient for you.
  • Simple to use online booking system…Choose a day and time and course that suits you.
  • Blended learning. Online First Aid training theory to complete in your own time. In-classroom practical assessment.
  • We also communicate regularly with our clients.

What more could you ask for regarding First Aid Training?


If you live or work in Melbourne’s East and need first aid training it’s all there for you at 771 Toorak Rd Hawthorn East!

Well, that’s that. Until next time…. Stay safe


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Adrian Webb

Adrian joined Life Saving First Aid in 2019 following a 30-year career with the Airport Fire and Rescue Service, where he responded to numerous first aid calls and dangerous or hazardous incidents, keeping the airport community safe.

Since joining Life Saving First Aid, he has delivered First Aid training to over 20,000 students. Many of them have used this training to save a life!

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